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Oil Balance Organic Daily Skincare Routine Mini Set

Oil Balance Organic Daily Skincare Routine Mini Set

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Oil Balance Organic Daily Skincare Routine Mini Set to balance oil production, tackle blemishes and have fresh, clearer skin.

This mini skincare set makes a great way to try out the full skincare range before purchasing the full-sized products.

It's beautifully presented in a box making it also a lovely gift for those that love organic and quality skincare 

What’s included:  

Lemongrass & Mandarin Cleanser 5g
A milk cleanser with antiseptic lemongrass to leave skin clean and clear. Free from pore-blocking ingredients and drying alcohols which promote and frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skincare.

Lemongrass Organic Toner 10ml
Antiseptic lemongrass and restorative mandarin help to balance oil levels, whilst green and white tea soothe and calm and provide balance to the skin.

Lemongrass & Camellia Moisturiser 5g
Balancing Refreshing Moisturiser. Suitable for morning and night this delicate light moisturising fluid absorbs quickly. Astringent Lemongrass balances oil production whilst camellia oil and aloe Vera, soothe and heal stressed problem skin

Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish 5g
Brightening facial polish. Helps maintains clear pores, exfoliates and softens the skin leaving it feeling fresh and clear.

Rebalancing Organic Treatment Oil 5ml
Rebalancing facial oil with Antiseptic Lemongrass and restorative mandarin. Helps the skin to balance its natural Sebum/Oil production without blocking pores.