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MINI PIN Micro Needling System + Anti-Ageing Skin Care

MINI PIN Micro Needling System + Anti-Ageing Skin Care

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A convenient alternative to home derma rollers, the Mini-Pin is an all-in-one system that combines micro-needling with a self-dispensing serum applicator system to a depth of 0.25mm

Needles are medical grade stainless steel and are nickel and titanium free.

Each single-use disposable cartridge is sterile and individually sealed for a safe application.

What's Included:
1.Mini Pin micro skin needling system
2.Clinic care LMWHA SERUM
3.CLINICCARE Concentrated Cleansing Foam 100ml 
4.CLINICCARE EGF Refresh/Tight Mask 
Soothing, rejuvenating and hydrating facial sheet mask, with hyaluronic acid, for an intensive anti-wrinkle and lifting effect.